JP Vossen on 3 Dec 2008 22:26:26 -0800

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[PLUG] Firefox Quick searches

I was just setting some of these up for someone and it occurred to me 
that this is a lessor known but really cool feature of Firefox that some 
on the list might have missed.

In Firefox, if you create a bookmark with a "keyword" you can then type 
that keyword into the address bar and go to that bookmark.  Also, if you 
put %s into the bookmark's URL, then any string typed after the keyword 
is inserted into the URL.

So, create this bookmark:

Name:	Froogle Search
Keywrd:	froogle
Desc:	Type "froogle <search term>" in the addressbar to perform a 
Froogle search

I have about 50 of these, for things like package searches for Debian, 
Ubuntu, Fedora; MS Technet, Google Linux, BSD, etc.; Bug Me Not; IMDB; 
CPAN, PerlDoc; UPS, FedEx; etc...

I save all mine in my "Quick Search JP" folder, but see also the 
existing "Quick Search" bookmark folder.

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