holdenergy1 on 7 Dec 2008 11:05:14 -0800

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[PLUG] Slash

I have been struggling with installation of Slash, the software that runs Slashdot. Not being an expert in perl or MySQL does not help (and yes I have RTFM, I have read the O'Reilly book, and I have followed numerous installation guides on the Interweb and still unsuccessful for whatever reason).

Anyway, is there anyone on the list who has documented experience with the installation of Slash and would you perhaps be interested in supplying some consulting hours to me to get a site up and running (probably in a virtual machine image to start for portability).

Alternatively I would be interested in hearing any Slash bashing comments from people who have found software that can do as much or more than Slash, but better and easier.

What I like about it are the community involvement aspects, the moderation, the blogs and journals, the karma. Some of these are available in other packages but I haven't found it all in one place. I also like the seemingly solid security and stability. Thoughts?



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