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[PLUG] Free book: Higher-Order Perl by Mark Jason Dominus

Walt Mankowski gets a credit:
"[...] The six hundred and fifty wonderful members of my mailing list 
are too numerous to list here. All were helpful and supportive, and the 
book is much better for their input. A few stand out as having 
contributed a particularly large amount of concrete material: [...], 
Walt Mankowski, [...]"
Developers: Higher-Order Perl Available For Free Download
Posted by kdawson on Tuesday December 09, @06:56PM
from the virtual-special-shelf dept.
Christopher Cashell writes "As noted on Perlbuzz, Mark Jason Dominus's 
amazing book, Higher-Order Perl, is now available for free download. 
This is a great book that goes way beyond your normal programming 
reference. This will change the way you look at programs, and make you a 
better programmer in any language. It sits on that special shelf 
reserved for books like Structure and Interpretation of Computer 
Programs, The C Programming Language, and The Practice of Programming."

wget '' 
'' && mv HigherOrderPerl.pdf 
Higher_Order_Perl_2.pdf && mv mod.tgz Higher_Order_Perl_2-POD.tgz

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