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[PLUG] Dell Mini 9 loses 2 GB SSD

We bought a Dell Mini 9 with sort-of-Ubuntu 8.04.  I say sort of because it 
doesn't use any of the standard Ubuntu repos, but proprietary repos on 
Cannonical's servers.

Anyway, we bought the model with a 16 GB SSD.  cfdisk reports two partitions, 
one Dell partition with about 256 MB and sda2 with the remaining 15+ GB.  But 
df reports a bit under 14 GB on sda2.  What happened to the other almost 2 

I only checked because a woman on the Dell Linux Desktops list reported that 
the distro was taking up 6 of 8 GB on her machine 2-3x what I see on every 
other fresh install, and there seem to be a lot of tips on the Internet on 
what to remove to tame a Dell 9 default install.

BTW, Dell really seems to be dropping the ball on this.  The proprietary repos 
aren't keeping up with security updates, thereby annoying a lot of Linux 
veterans, and these disk space issues are really turning off a lot of people 
trying Linux for the first time.

My experience is that the average size of a fresh Ubuntu install is 2.5 GB 
with one user, and XP with Acrobat, Firefox, OpenOffice 3 and MS Office 2003 
and one user is about 4+ GB.  

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