Casey Bralla on 13 Dec 2008 09:47:29 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Internet connectivity with Verizon MI424-WR router

Sorry I can't answer our questions, but it seems to me like you got a bum 
router.  Why not let them replace it?   

The date being set to some old date probably means nothing.  It resets the 
date when it connects.

On Saturday 13 December 2008 12:05:35 pm George Langford wrote:

> The questions that come to mind are:
> 1. Did anyone else experience a similar lack of connectivity today ?
> 2. Can I lock in the current firmware version by turning off the
>     automatic updates feature without compromising something else, such
>     as security ?
> 3. Where on the Verizon website is there a place where I can look to

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