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Re: [PLUG] rhel proxy

In the message dated: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 14:57:58 EST,
The pithy ruminations from Ron Kaye on 
<[PLUG] rhel proxy> were:



=> We have a rack of servers that are isolated from the world and only 
=> accessed thru a VPN server. 
=> We need to be able to get out to the internet to pull patches, etc 

>From where? From specific sites (ie.,, or from the internet as a 
whole? What's your [client's] budget?

=> so I requested internet access from one IP that we'll use as a proxy 
=> server for the rest of the kit.
=> It is running RH and I'd like socks proxy or equivelent set up. 

Running licensed, supported RHEL? Have you contacted RedHat?

It's unclear to me from your question whether you're trying to set up a general 
purpose proxy server to provide internet access to the "rack of servers", or 
whether you're seeking to proxy access to RHEL patches and updates.

For OS and distribution patches, have you considered the RH Satellite or 
RHN Proxy server products...they are designed to do just what you want.


Perhaps you should get in touch with a company that's a global leader in 
providing technology enabled business solutions and services. You know, a 
company that does consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing.

Oh, wait, that's what CSC does.

=> rk
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In that case, I'm not sure that I can reply.

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=> delivery. 
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Mark "feeling grouchy after dealing with a CSC-outsourced helpdesk" Bergman

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