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Re: [PLUG] [OT] NYTimes article: What Carriers Arent Eager to Tell You About Texting

On Sunday 28 December 2008 22:46:07 Toby DiPasquale wrote:
> there is no case in history where large numbers of people
> handed over cash for something they didn't want for any extended
> period of time.

People buy stuff they don't *want* all of the time... as long as they perceive 
that they *need* it.  People tend to overpay more for stuff they want, and 
crank up the frugality on stuff they need.

Text messaging grew its popularity in Europe because it was so much cheaper 
than voice calls.  As such it moved from the want column to the need column.  
People usually don't care what things they buy cost; they generally only care 
what they are paying.

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