Chad V on 5 Jan 2009 10:00:17 -0800

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[PLUG] monitoring employee web browsing

Hey all,

Right now, I have a transparent bridge setup at a company I'm doing
some troubleshooting & other project work for.

Internet  -----  FiOS Router ----  Linux Bridge -----  switches
------- PC's & VoIP phones

Right now, the bridge is running ntop for bandwidth monitoring and I
also run some command line Wireshark packet captures (tshark).

I'm looking for software that can monitor what computer (and by
extension, person) is browsing what web sites.  I would also like to
get a measure of time spent browsing and to be able to look for sites
that shouldn't be looked at.   The company isn't looking to curtail
web usage or anything with a proxy, filter or "net nanny" type app.
However, they are using a large % of their available bandwidth at some
points in time and are loosing VoIP quality.

I would just like to include in my troubleshooting report, information
such as top sites visited, top bandwidth users, etc., so that they can
take appropriate action.

I've been looking at using a transparent proxy using squid, but I'm
not quite sure how to get the reports I want.  I've also been looking
at urlsnarf (from the dsniff  toolset) to output a text file and try
to make my own reports from it.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this goal?  What applications have you
used and why?

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