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Re: [PLUG] Linux Laptop recommendation

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From: Russ Wenner
> I am looking for recommendations for a laptop computer running Linux
> for some heavy lifting (running VM's, etc).  I would like a laptop
> were everything works out-of-the-box (SD Card reader, Blue Tooth, Web
> Cam, Wireless, etc.) and also has at least one year support.  I am
> looking to keep the price tag to around $1000.  What would you
> recommend?
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I agree with the Santa Clause part of Jeff comments :-). Hmmm, heavy lifting means a fast CPU, multi cpu/multi-core for sure. VM's mean lots of memory and better than average disk throughput. Laptops currently have a 4gb limit on memory. Is this for tooling around with VM's or serious multi-OS pounding/hosting services. If you are going to multi-OS pound, then get a desktop with multi-cpus/cores, 16gb of memory, and a raid array and VPN in from your laptop that's has all the cute bell & whistles. 

Everyone sing :-)

Every clock cycle is sacred. 

I've had excellent luck with Dell's supporting Opensuse out of the box. Less luck with HP's. Stay away from platform driven notebooks. If a notebook was designed for Vista, and doesn't offer XP drivers, you will have even more trouble getting Linux to work on it. Stay away from Broadcom wireless anything. You definitely want Intel or Atheros wireless cards in it if you are going to be doing Linux and want to be happy.

If you insist on a laptop look at the high-end gamer notebooks as they will have the power you are looking for Sager, Alienware, ...etc. Just don't expect a ton of battery life. My hardware modified E1705 on the conservative setting eats the bigger multi-cell batteries in usually a couple of hours. is a great site to ask questions including Linux laptop compatibility questions. You will get a much larger user base experience there then here(no offense folks).

My last bit of advice; drill down spec wise on your notebook make sure each component is supported. Yes it's a bit of homework but you will be happier in the end. 


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