Art Alexion on 1 Feb 2009 04:16:08 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Anybody Using Kde 4.2 Yet?

On 01/31/2009 Eric wrote:
> I installed KDE 4.2 to give it an spin and it solves almost none of the 
> issues I have with the "new" KDE.  I keep hoping... meanwhile it's Gnome 
> or KDE 3.5.x for me  :-( 

Beware KDE 4.1.96.  Kubuntu Intrepid is still 4.1, but there are 
instructions on its site for adding a PPA repository which is supposed 
to give you 4.2.  I have it running on a box I use for testing stuff.

It really installs 4.1.96.  This version is much more stable than the 
official 4.1, but still suffers major problems.  It will not run kmail 
for more than a few seconds.  For me, that renders it useless.

I understand from users of Mandravia and Fedora that they had the same 
problems with 4.1.96, so they are upstream and not distro-specific. 
However, the newest versions of those distros have the real 4.2, and I 
understand the kmail/kontact problem is fixed.

That said, it seems to be less broken than 4.1.

I'd still say stick with 3.5 or gnome for a while if you need things to 

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