Brian Vagnoni on 14 Feb 2009 14:45:58 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linu

****Posted by me*****

> > It turns out my parents are getting FiOS Triple play next Tuesday.
> So I'll report back on how it goes. I won't be there but I'll relay my
> Father and Step Mon's opinion about the service level. They are more
> jaded with Comcast than they are with Verizon. John do you work
> Plymouth-Meeting?
> > 
> > They have old CAT 3 32 pair PBX cable running through their house so
> we will see how Verizon does. 


I haven't been up to my folks house yet but I haven't gotten any complaints or questions regarding their FiOS install. No news is good news when it comes to the parents means their happy with the service they got. Their POTS alarm service works so that's a good sign. Broadband installers usually overlook details like alarm systems and other analog devices like faxes. Perhaps I have to update my opinion of Verizon; at least the FiOS folks anyway. The triple play installation took the advertised token 4 hours. 

Well at least I have internet up there when I go up and visit. Of course that means having to teach my parents computers. It would be easier if they actually knew what they wanted to do with a computer. They don't get e-mail at all, if they want to communicate with someone they just call them on the phone. My father is not what I would call a reader but he does read the paper. Of course you can't get him to go to the eye doctor so I don't even know if he can see the paper let alone a computer screen. Even with digital photo's, I had like 300 pictures of my little brothers wedding still had to go to the drug store and print them out for parents. Heck I just gave my little brother the SD card and he was more than happy with that. 

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