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Re: [PLUG] Firefox crashes with lots of tabs open

On Tuesday 03 March 2009 05:05:07 pm wrote:
> => >> That is not acceptable.  I regularly have 300-500 tabs open,
> I'm not quite that bad...usually I'm running at about 125~200 tabs, divided
> in two windows (Work and !Work).
> Of course, as I write this, I'm restarting firefox, since it just crashed.
> :(
> => >
> => > WOW. Really. May I ask .. why? I've never heard of anyone using so
> => > many tabs. Are you running monitoring sites in each tab, keeping an
> => > eye on many different remote systems?
> =>
> => Everything that I ever want to read gets a new tab opened, and it sits
> => there until I have time to actually read it, and it sits there longer
> Ha! I do the same thing.
> Mark
> => if I need to act on it.  Browser tabs, like EMACS buffers, are my
> => "working memory".

I sort of do this, but rarely get beyond a dozen tabs.  If I don't get to it 
today, there is going to be even more tomorrow, and I won't have more time 
tomorrow.  By the next day there will be even more.  I find that I can't get to 
read /everything/ I want.  If I don't get to stuff in a few days, the tabs get 
closed, and I move on.

Nothing personal, but 300-500 tabs seems like the electronic equivalent of 
those recluse homes with newspapers and magazines piled six feet high 
everywhere with just a maze to navigate to the refrigerator and the bathroom.

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