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[PLUG] Kubuntu vs. Debian Lenny

I've been a devoted Kubuntu user ever since Ubuntu began the KDE version.  
Since 8.10/Intrepid, they seem to have lost their way.  Stuff that works in the 
Gnome version is often flaky in the KDE version.  And not all can be blamed on 
KDE 4 growing pains.  8.04/Hardy is stable and functional, but I have some 
hardware issues that seem to be fixed in 8.10, and unlike the gnome version, 
8.04 is not LTS.

So, I am wondering whether I should wait for Jaunty in April, or try switching 
to Lenny.  Is Lenny currently supporting the installation of both KDE 3 & 4?  
Any other thoughts?

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