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Re: [PLUG] Bandwidth Shaping

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Glenn Kelley wrote:
> Greetings Friends:
> A friend of mine just purchased an interesting ISP - based on WiMax  
> and Wireless in the rural parts of the country.
> He asked my opinion of the NetEqualizer - it seems they have a unit  
> that will only give them 10mbit for traffic shaping...
> They however have an awesome connection - Fiber 30mbps
> Go figure - a bottleneck of 10mbit due to a hardware device to "shape  
> bandwidth."
> anyhow - does anyone know of any good alternatives that can be used in  
> the open-source and/or linux arena?
> I am thinking of trickle - or similar - but have no real world  
> examples of using these applications
> Anyone played in this arena before?
> any suggestions ?
> thanks
> glenn

there's a QoS component in openwrt. i haven't played around with it but
i may be able to touch upon it briefly in my presentation(s) coming up
on it in april. if you're goong to be at one of them, i'll be sure to at
least mention it
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