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Re: [PLUG] It's happening. Mac Viruses

gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> It turns out that Mac OS X, as for all Unix-like operating systems,
> is vulnerable to operator incompetence. 

My Mac friends keep telling me it's the PERFECT OS.  With the PERFECT users.

> There really won't ever be
> a technical fix for that. As I say at work, "That's an HR issue,
> not a security issue."

I've used similar verbiage.  Unfortunately it always winds up being an 
IT issue.

We just created 200 email addresses for spoke offices.  Of the 30% that 
bothered to reply, 90% need help `setting it up'.  We created 
step-by-step instructions (with PICTURES) and someone called to say they 
were `too daunting' and could we send someone out.

It's only a matter of time til someone calls and asks how to spell their 
own name.  I'm re-thinking my stance on automatic weapons.

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