Art Alexion on 27 Apr 2009 07:06:52 -0700

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[PLUG] authentication errors

After an errant Ubuntu update a few months ago, two machines throw out errors 
after authenticating.  They authenticate OK, but kick out an undefined error in 
the process.

When logging into gdm/kdm, after entering the password, I get a small message 
box that says "Error" with an OK button.  The same happens with the password 
protected screensaver.

When entering a password for a sudo command, I get the word "Error" on a 
single line and then the command executes.

I remember a similar problem with a corrupted /dev/null and another time when 
some update screwed up the host name resolution, but /dev/null looks OK, and 
this time I just get the word, error, not "Host name not found"

This doesn't seem to be preventing me from doing anything, but it is an 
annoyance.  Any ideas.

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