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[PLUG] PLUG W "intro to git" follow up

Great info on git from Kyle.  Thanks!


Edutainment Software (Kyle wrote Gperiodic)
SOT: Software testing

I mentioned (quotes from the Jaunty apt-cache):
	etckeeper - store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs
"The etckeeper program is a tool to let /etc be stored in a git, 
mercurial, bzr or darcs repository. It hooks into APT to automatically 
commit changes made to /etc during package upgrades. It tracks file 
metadata that version control systems do not normally support, but that 
is important for /etc, such as the permissions of /etc/shadow. It's 
quite modular and configurable, while also being simple to use if you 
understand the basics of working with version control."

I find the basic etckeeper documentation a tad lacking, but here is a 
series of blog posts that are interesting from an Ubuntu perspective.
The etckeeper chronicles, part 1
Posted February 23, 2009
"One thing I have been working on in this cycle is beginning to 
integrate an easy solution to put /etc under revision control. I have 
found etckeeper, by Joey Hess, to be the right tool for the job. The 
version in Jaunty will feature better support of bzr as the underlying 
VCS, and a couple of improvements I pushed upstream. In this series of 
articles, I’ll present an overview of how this solution works in Jaunty 
and the future planned (post 9.04 release) improvements."
"One feature I recently pushed back upstream is sudo integration: the 
username shown (thc) is the one of the user running the ’sudo etckeeper’ 
command, not an undetermined ‘root’."
"...Daily autocommits..."

We also talked about Bazaar (bzr), which I personally find a bit more 
user-friendly than git *, but they are pretty similar.  And thanks to 
Kyle I now know that git is less hostile than last time I looked.  Just 
for fun (yeah, I need to get out more):
	Etch:	bzr     0.11-1.1
	Lenny:	bzr     1.5-1.1
	Hardy:	bzr     1.3.1-1ubuntu0.1
	Jaunty:	bzr     1.13.1-1	1.14.1 / 1.15rc1

I just tested and it looks like bzr uses a repo incremented revno (like 
SVN), rather than the SHA-1 hashes that git uses.  I get that git's way 
is both more universal and more secure, but the arbitrary nature of the 
revision ID's just bothers me.  It's probably just my CVS/SVN mind-set, 
but I like ordered numeric IDs.

* "Version control that doesn’t make your eyes bleed"
And "Bazaar vs Git" but be aware that this is heavily biased to bzr and 
incorrect about git in places (e.g. git now has windows support)

We also mentioned my "Free Edutainment Software" page at and Kyle pointed out 
that he actually wrote Gperiodic (, 
which I hadn't noticed before.  Cool!

Finally, and arguably semi-on/off-topic, but it came up at dinner after 
the meeting; for anyone who a) enjoys "Demotivator" type posters and 
especially b) anyone involved in software or other testing:

OK, I'm shutting up now,
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