JP Vossen on 11 Jun 2009 21:35:42 -0700

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[PLUG] Impress-ive

I just noticed in the Ubuntu repos 
(both stock and OO.o PPA).  VERY cool!!!  I no longer envy Mac Keynote 

* - Impress extension 
for a separate presenter's console

See also:

* - extension for 
size-efficient presentations
* - extension for working 
with MediaWiki articles
* Open Clip Art Gallery with OOo index files seems to be in the stock repos but not the PPA. 
  Go figure...

The following is pretty interesting reading:

$ apt-cache search | grep '^' \
   | egrep -v '-help-|-l10n-|-tests' | sort | less

Try something like this to learn what's installed by the meta-package:

$ apt-cache show | grep '^Depends: ' | head -1

I am using the OO.o PPA on one Hardy machine, and it got 3.1.0 recently. 
  It's FAST.  And it looks GOOD.
deb      hardy main

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