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[PLUG] Why start servers from cron instead of /etc/rc.d?...

Linux experts,

Another question about the Amazon virtual Linux box I'm setting

The machine image I started from has the standard System V startup
file structure with
files and
sym links to cause the various files to stop (K) and start (S)
automatically at reboot.  However it does not have any S links for
tomcat, apache, or mysql, so they don't get started.  It has only
K links for them.  Instead, it starts them from cron via the file:
which contains:

    # restart tomcat on reboot
    @reboot /etc/init.d/tomcat5 start

    # restart apache on reboot
    @reboot /home/webuser/helloworld/bin/run_apache

    # restart mysql server on reboot
    @reboot /etc/init.d/mysqld start

Any idea why it would have been set up this way?  Any advantages
you can see?  Something to do with the timing of the server starts,
or access rights, or something?  I don't see it.  Why not use the
standard S links, and the standard config files?

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