mdecheser on 16 Jun 2009 09:11:03 -0700

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[PLUG] sendmail, multiple IPs, and virtual nics

I recently discovered Linode.  What a wondrous gift to humanity.  The admins were kind enough to grant me 2 additional IP addresses on my Linode, for a total of 3.  I'm running the latest CentOS (5.3).

To be brief, I would like to configure sendmail to return a different hostname depending on which IP address is listening.  Currently, sendmail is returning the primary hostname of the system when you telnet to port 25 @ any IP.

The purpose for the multiple IP addresses is to provide multiple nameserver hosts.  I have 2 sites which I do not want associated with my hostname, domain or primary IP address.  Essentially, I'd like to provide DNS on all 3 IP addresses, but for different domains, each with its own distinct smtp hostname.

Do I need to run separate instances of sendmail or named to accomplish this?  I'm not certain that using virtual interfaces puts any bearing on the solution, but that's part of the configuration.



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