JP Vossen on 16 Jun 2009 12:25:37 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] user defaults editor

> Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 14:28:58 -0400
> From: Art Alexion <>
> I once used a package to configure a default user upon which future users 
> would be based.  I can't remember the package name.  'aptitude search user' 
> isn't helping.

I find aptitude's search mechanism unbearably counterintuitive, so I 
still use 'apt-cache search foo' which does what I mean.  You might want 
to re-read the aptitude man page on search, because I'm pretty sure that 
if you used the literal command above, you didn't do what you think you did.

Having said that, the 2800+ lines returned by 'apt-cache search user' 
aren't that helpful either.  Nor is 'default user'.

> Can anyone please refresh my memory on the package name?

(You didn't mention if you mean CLI or GUI user, and what OS/distro or 
window manager.)

This is a long shot, but you aren't thinking of /etc/skel, are you?

Or gconf-editor?  Or

If you find something better let us know.

Good luck,
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