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[PLUG] Technology: A Wiki For Cable and Connector Pin-Outs

Re-post from Slashdot because this could be so darn useful.  Now why 
didn't I think of this?

Technology: A Wiki For Cable and Connector Pin-Outs
Posted by kdawson on Tuesday June 23, @05:01AM
from the admit-it-you-read-pin-ups dept.

Nicola Asuni writes to let us know about a new resource for hardware 
hackers: a wiki about pinouts — hardware interfaces of modern and 
obsolete hardware.

	"Created with the same MediaWiki software that was developed for the 
Wikipedia project, is a wiki that allows users to get and 
share information about hardware interfaces, including pinouts of ports, 
expansion slots, and other connectors of computers and different 
electronic devices (i.e. cellular phones, GPS, PDA, game consoles, 
etc.). All text is available under the GNU Free Documentation License 
and may be distributed or linked accordingly. The 'pinout' (or 
'pin-out') of a connector identifies each individual pin, which is 
critical when creating, repairing or hacking cable assemblies and adapters."

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