Gordon Dexter on 23 Jun 2009 18:14:27 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Hibernation Question

Depending on exactly how you do the hibernate, you might not need to 
have an 8GB swap at all.  First of all, it's possible to do it using a 
file instead of a partition, check out uswsusp to do that.  Second of 
all, some suspend to disk programs use compression (as well as possibly 
encryption) so the size on disk isn't the same as the size in RAM.  
Third, suspend to disk software may also skip parts of ram such as disk 
caches, which can be a good chunk of your RAM.

If you do want to suspend to swap, I'd suggest a bigger partition, but 
you should be fine following the uswsusp directions for hibernating to a 


Casey Bralla wrote:
> I just found out that it costs me about $18 per month to keep my main desktop 
> computer running.  (155 watts @ $.17 per KWh).
> I'm therefore examining some power saving features.
> I'm looking at hibernation (suspend to disk), but am confused by one thing:  
> How big a swap partition do I need?
> I have 8 GBytes of RAM in my fairly new desktop computer, but I only have a 2 
> GByte swap partition.  (Who needs a big swap partition with that much RAM?)
> I'm assuming that I need at least 8 GBytes of swap space to hold all my RAM 
> when hibernating.
> Any use hibernation for a desktop?  Any suggestions?

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