Claude M. Schrader on 29 Jun 2009 18:47:32 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Source-Based Distribution Recommendation

On 21:21 Mon 29 Jun     , Casey Bralla wrote:
> I've been a happy Gentoo linux user for several years.  But in the last year 
> or so, the quality of the distro seems to have declined quite a bit.   

I've been a gentoo user for a few years too, and about a year ago I
switched to Xubuntu for my desktop, sticking with Gentoo for my server. The
bottom line with Gentoo as a desktop is I got tired of the package managers
frequently breaking things, and being unaware of big upgrades/changes
happening to other packages in the dependency tree. It seems like there
is not much coordination between teams.

Server Gentoo seems to be much calmer with much less frequent updates. I'm
sure one of the reasons for this is the much simpler tree of dependencies
and libraries. Ubuntu has its quirks too, but it is a much more stable
usable desktop. I know its not an entirely fair comparison, as Gentoo does
not have Mark Shuttleworth's billions, but I need a stable desktop
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