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Re: [PLUG] Find Open Ports

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From: David A. Harding

A comment on your grammar:

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Thank you very much for your comments(sincerely). Proof reading and grammar are 2 subjects that I struggle with and your help as well as others is welcome and appreciated anytime. Since you seem to want to be my English teacher I suggest off list comments in the future.

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From: David A. Harding

I offered Casey advice. You attacked him. I find it distasteful that you used some of the same words I used -- even if you couldn't spell them or put them in grammatical sentences. I resent the implication of association between us.

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You assume incorrectly sir that I even read your post before posting my comments, honestly I didn’t.

at·tack  (-tk)

v. at·tacked, at·tack·ing, at·tacks

1. To set upon with violent force.
2. To criticize strongly or in a hostile manner.
3. To start work on with purpose and vigor: attack a problem.
4. To begin to affect harmfully: a disease that attacks the central nervous system.


To make an attack; launch an assault: The enemy attacked during the night.

I don’t know Casey just as I don’t know you. My comments contained no malice towards anyone, nor did I take any joy in offering my advice. Sometimes being a friend to someone involves telling him or her what he or she doesn’t want to hear. I’m sure Casey is a fine upstanding citizen and a really nice guy. I’m sure he is overworked and under paid as are most and feels he should be able to take the actions he suggested in his post. For most convicted hackers like Kevin Mitnick(also a really nice guy) I’m sure they thought that to. 

If he had posed a hypothetical situation I would have never responded. Instead he was very clear about his intent and the fact that he didn’t have permission. This left me with nothing other than my strong response to him. Are there not list rules against posting acts that are illegal or of questionable legality in nature? Or do they only apply to the unpopular?

If he went ahead with his actions and inadvertently took down some mission critical server at his place of employment would not anyone who gave him advice to do so on this list be considered a coconspirator and therefore be at least civilly liable for damages? Are we all that comfortable with the state of the written law regarding Information Technology to throw caution to the wind?

If I really wanted to attack him I would have done an Intellisearch background check on him from his posted phone number, contacted his employer, pointed them to his comments, perhaps gotten him terminated and then applied for his job. Now there is some malice. That is what you call an attack. Since I don't know him I really couldn't be bothered. 

I don’t go along with the crowd, sorry. I call them like I see them no regrets. If he really needs to access his home network from work he should either get permission like you stated, or get a laptop with an air-card and use his own bandwidth. 

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