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Re: [PLUG] Source-Based Distribution Recommendation

As as general note, and without any intention of being inflamatory,
perhaps you might wish to consider Debian. Debian's default settings
are wonderful and my machines (server, desktop, laptop and mobile
device) rarely suffer from performance issues which could be
attributed to poor optimization during compile time. Furthermore,
Debian's apt-build tool has matured quite nicely and allows you to
compile any package, on demand, with any optimizations you might
desire. It downloads the source deb, compiles it and builds a binary
deb which you can then install/upgrade as you like.

Don't discount Debian! There's something for everyone.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Casey Bralla<> wrote:
> I've been a happy Gentoo linux user for several years.  But in the last year
> or so, the quality of the distro seems to have declined quite a bit.
> I'm considering switching to another source-based distro and wondering if
> anybody has any experience with:
>  - CRUX
>  - Lunar Linux
>  - Sorcerer Linux
>  - SourceMage
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