Lee Marzke on 2 Jul 2009 20:11:45 -0700

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[PLUG] Perforce presentation - follow-up on DEMO access/download

I hope everyone enjoyed the talk last night,  and I apologize for the 
projector problems that prevented the demo portion of the talk.

The Perforce Visual merge-tool is really fantastic,  you might be 
interested in the
pictures / info at:

To try out Perforce there are (2) options I've made available.

1. Download client (p4v) and attach to my demo server
   Download p4 and p4v.tgz

   Set P4PORT= 4aero.com:1777

   There are 50 logins available.  DEMO EXPIRES July 31, 2009 !

   Just attaching (once) to the server creates an account.  Any accounts
without valid emails attached will be deleted.

2. Download a non time-limited Virtual Machine with all tools pre-installed.
  ( limited to 2 users and 5 workspaces )

I have put together a demo ( Perforce sever, client ) on XUbuntu VM.
This is a full-feature unlicensed version that does not timeout.

If you were not able to get a DVD at the meeting you can download
the VM here:


The formats available are:

    - Vmware Player or  Workstation 6.0+
    - OVF export for Xen or everything else that can import OVF


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