JP Vossen on 10 Jul 2009 07:52:12 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Unwanted laptop suspend = solved?

JP Vossen wrote:
> I'm having an odd problem with my Dell Mini9 running (non-Dell) Ubuntu 
> 9.04 LPIA.  I have it set as follows:
> System --> Prefs --> Power Management --> On AC Power tab"
>     Put computer to sleep:    never
>     Lid closed:        blank screen
>     Display to sleep:    40 mins
>     Brightness:        100%
>     Dim when idle:        checked
> Yet, when I leave it for a while (not sure how long, 1+ hour at least) 
> and come back I find it asleep.  I've restarted acpi, acpi-support, and 
> hal, which did not help.  I have not logged out/back in or rebooted 
> (what is this, Windows?).
> This is annoying because it takes it a while to reconnect to my Wireless 
> AP (circa 2006 Comcast Actiontec; but WRT-54GL on order) and because it 
> just plain shouldn't do that.

Thanks to all who replied, esp. David A. Harding for his great log
suggestions (which I haven't gotten around to really diving into).

I *think* I found the problem, and a work-around.  But I don't 
understand it or how to fix it (short of rebooting, which I'm pretty 
sure will work).

It seems that some part of the machine thinks it's on battery power when 
it's really on AC, and vice versa.  I have the Gnome power manager set 
to suspend never on AC and after 15 minutes idle on battery, but I have 
determined that the OPPOSITE is happening.  That is, I am not suspending 
when on battery but I am on AC.  So naturally the work-around was to 
tell it to never suspend on battery either.

The kicker is that the Gnome Power manager notifier correctly tells me 
when I am on AC or battery!  So something is backwards, but I have no 
idea what or how to really fix it other than rebooting, which I did 
finally do and which did fix the problem.  :-/

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