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Re: [PLUG] Hard Drive warranty RMA

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From: TuskenTower

> How do you keep data secure when a hard drive fails and you need to
> warranty RMA the device?  My father's Western Digital usb backup drive
> went south after only a few months of operation.  I think that the HD
> is toast since it started clicking in front of me and I haven't been
> able to mount it on multiple machines.  Thoughts?

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Sometimes it's just the USB to xxxx interface that's bad. If you think you can open the enclosure up without voiding the warranty, then you should be able to wipe the hard drive inside via a standard hard drive interface. I had a USB drive go bad on me and it turned out it was just the USB to SATA board. That drive is still spinning today, though out of the enclosure. 

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From: Gordon Dexter

Degaussing is honestly unlikely to work in most cases.  The magnetic
coercivity is extremely high on modern high-density drives.  You would
need a magnet so powerful that it would likely damage the internal
components of the drive rather than erase it. 

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Find an MRI or particle accelerator, place hard drive near by, turn on Improvised Degaussing equipment, run like hell. :-)

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