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Re: [PLUG] OT: If I can Record a TV Program off-the-air, Can I record a Streaming Internet Radio Program?

> Kevin made a good point on this too.  He framed the question slightly 
> differently and it changed my thinking.  A radio broadcast or an internet radio 
> broadcast is just "there".  It's presented by the broadcaster for all to take 
> or leave as they prefer.   In my case, I'd be asking the provider to send me a 
> particular sound file.  That gives him more standing to place restrictions on 
> my use of the sound file.

Considering how the RIAA is prevailing, I'm not sure how wise it is to
be admitting on an archived discussion list that one is violating the TOS.

> BTW, this is in reference to "Hearts of Space" a New Age music program that is 
> also broadcast weekly on NPR radio stations.   Their website is  
> I'm interested in downloading many of their older programs.

When I first encountered said program, I developed an instant dislike
for it.  Let's just say that left off the "He" and substituted an "F"
for Music from The Hearts of Space.  Musical tastes differ and I for one
wouldn't pay negative dollars to hear it, but I find it amusing that
public radio programs are now making commodities of their productions.
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