Art Alexion on 14 Aug 2009 05:59:20 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] stick drive that mounts as /dev/sda (or sdb....)

On Thursday 13 August 2009 17:15:56 JP Vossen wrote:
>  > During a meeting about two months ago, I mentioned I had a 4GB usb
>  > stick drive that I could only mount to /dev/sda (or b or c etc..).  I
>  > eventually learned I could mount it to /dev/sda (instead of sda1, or
>  > sda2 etc..)

> Wild-assed guess: maybe your USB drive isn't partitioned at all and you
> are just writing to it raw?  I would have guessed that that wouldn't
> work at all, but maybe...  Your "garbage" fdisk -l results might lend
> some support for my theory.  What do 'parted' or one of the other GUI
> partition manglers make of it?  If I were you I'd try to copy all the
> data off the key and re-partition and re-format it from orbit--just to
> be sure.

I'd try cfdisk as well.  I sometimes, with some drives, get better results 
with cfdisk than fdisk.

Is raw writing possible, and if so, wouldn't reading be impossible?  How would 
you be able to find the pieces without a file system?

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