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[PLUG] Scala

Topical, since scala came up briefly last night at dinner after the PLUG 
W meeting.  Anyone know anything about it and want to do a preso?
Technology: Scala, a Statically Typed, Functional, O-O Language on
Posted by kdawson on Tuesday August 18, @02:00PM
from the means-scaleable dept.

inkslinger77 notes a Computerworld interview with Martin Odersky on the 
Scala language, which is getting a lot of attention from its use on 
high-profile sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. The strongly typed 
language is intended to be a usable melding of functional and 
object-oriented programming techniques.

	"My co-workers and I spend a lot of time writing code so we wanted to 
have something that was a joy to program in. That was a very definite 
goal. We wanted to remove as many of the incantations of traditional 
high-protocol languages as possible and give Scala great expressiveness 
so that developers can model things in the ways they want to. ... You 
can express Scala programs in several ways. You can make them look very 
much like Java programs which is nice for programmers who start out 
coming from Java. ... But you can also express Scala programs in a 
purely functional way and those programs can end up looking quite 
different from typical Java programs. Often they are much more concise. 
... Twitter has been able to sustain phenomenal growth, and it seems 
with more stability than what they had before the switch, so I think 
that's a good testament to Scala. ... [W]e are looking at new ways to 
program multicore processors and other parallel systems. We already have 
a head start here because Scala has a popular actor system which gives 
you a high-level way to express concurrency. ... The interesting thing 
is that actors in Scala are not a language feature, they have been done 
purely as a Scala library. So they are a good witness to Scala's 

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