Jonathan DeMasi on 27 Aug 2009 18:59:16 -0700

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[PLUG] Running a Jabber Server

Hey All,

I recently setup ejabberd on my VPS just to play with jabber.  I have a few people that would like to create accounts and we want to have the functionality to have multi-user chats.  ejabberd seemed like all was well until certain people just can't send me authorization requests or communicate with my server properly.  I was in the ejabberd support room and everything, and so far I don't have a solution that worked.

Has anyone used jabberd14 or jabberd2 before?  I tried to install jabberd2 following their installation documents, but when I started the init script (Hardy Heron, by the way), it returned no errors, but the process was not shown as running and I couldn't connect.  Jabberd14 has little to no documentation that is of any use, so if someone has it up and running and can provide a quick start guide or something that would be appreciated.

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