Gordon Dexter on 30 Aug 2009 17:24:59 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] network fixer hat

Eric wrote:
> Once again I'm called on to wear my "network fixer" hat... but this time it's in
> my own office!
> I use an internal IP range in my home/office.  Unfortunately, most
> devices that I'm going to add to the network to configure (wireless routers,
> NAS, etc) have 192.168.[0|1].0/24 addresses.  When I plug in the new device and
> try to access it via http or tftp from my Linux workstation - I get nothing.  Is
> that because any request outside the range falls through the
> routing table to "default" and then gets sent to the gateway - which drops it as
> non-routable?
> Thanks,
> Eric
Wait a second, why on earth would a NAS device make any assumptions 
about the network it's being plugged into?  I'd consider that stupid and 
broken.  That might be ok for a wireless router perhaps--it's a safe 
assumption that it's the only router on the network in all but the most 
exotic circumstances (namely yours), but who on earth would make a NAS 
that gives itself a static IP on first boot instead of using DHCP?

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