JP Vossen on 4 Sep 2009 22:27:08 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Which Windows Anti-Virus?

 > Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 21:18:15 -0400
 > From: Casey Bralla <>
 > I've just upgraded my kids XP system, and need to install anti-virus
 > software.
 > I can get McAfee for free from comcast, but wonder if anybody has any
 > suggestions.

This has been covered a few times on the PANTUG list, and Windows 
questions might be better served there.  You will run into some familiar 
names there too.
For the searchable archives see:

Having said that:

1) Avoid Symantec like the black death.
2) McAfee isn't much better.
3) Jeff's answer is best so far.
4) Otherwise:

IT: Central Anti-Virus For Small Business? [I know, overkill]

Windows XP Firewall + AV = Comodo [Free, my recommendation]

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