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Re: [PLUG] OT: Which Windows Anti-Virus?

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From: JP Vossen

> 1) Avoid Symantec like the black death.
> 2) McAfee isn't much better.

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I can't agree more with the first statement. I don't know how PC Magazine legitimately gives Symantec Security Suite, Editors Choice Award every year. The new Symantec version is still in beta, and they are saying that it is better than any production version, of any of the other AV products out there that they tested - BS.

That said, you could always treat XP as the disposable OS that it is, get the best free version of AV that you can find, and hope for the best. Knowing all the time that you will have to gut & reinstall eventually. 

Kids will be kids, yes they need to be protected, but in the end, when you aren't around, they will do stupid stuff. Their computer usage habits are no different.

The boss brought his kids laptop in because it was acting up. A quick off network scan, while wearing rubber gloves and a mask, found that he basically had every piece of malware known to humankind on it. Nuff said.

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