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Re: [PLUG] ISO-8601

jeff wrote:
> K.S. Bhaskar wrote:
>> It's measured that way in M (affectionately known as MUMPS) - ISO/IEC
>> 11756 - and is reported by the intrinsic variable $Horolog.  The first
>> integer of the pair is the number of days since December 31, 1840
>> (i.e., January 1, 1841 is day 1), and the second is the number of
>> seconds since midnight.
> In any group, there is a hierarchy.
> In more mainstream groups, the sports fans might pick on the computer 
> geeks.
> If you go to a mental hospital, you're likely to find the depressed 
> picking on the schizophrenic.

Actually, it's the other way around because... ah, well, trust me, I know.

> You guys are seriously geeked out.
> I'm not picking on you - it's just fact  :)


I maintain that Bhaskar jumped in too early with the answer... I'm sure there
were others who either knew or wanted to guess (I was in the latter group.)

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