Eric on 14 Sep 2009 15:36:39 -0700

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[PLUG] SVN question

I have a question for the SVN users here:

Say that I have a web site:  /var/www/mainsite
I want to keep it in svn and work on the development (working) copy in

I've imported like this:

 svn import mainsite  file:///home/svn/mainsite/trunk/ -m "Initial import"

Now I'll pull out a working copy in the mainsite-devl directory and work on it.

After the devl branch is ready how do I get it to be in the mainsite?
I am presuming that I:
   check in the devl branch
   merge that branch with the trunk
   do an 'svn update' in the /var/www/mainsite directory

Is that the way it works?

Also, there is one configuration file that has to remain different between the
mainsite-devl and mainsite code.  How do I tell svn to leave that alone?

(ok, technically that makes it two questions.)


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