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Re: [PLUG] 'Recharging' flash drives??

On Tuesday 15 September 2009 13:20:38 Gordon Dexter wrote:
> Ok, so I'm in a Global Knowledge class for the Security+ certification,
> and I hear the instructor say that flash drives need to be 'recharged'
> periodically, and if you don't then within ten years or so the contents
> of the drive will be lost.  Now, I've never heard of this before, and a
> quick Google search resulted in a bunch of things about write wear, but
> nothing about data fading away due to the drive being discharged.  
> Honestly I'm pretty skeptical, since this instructor seems
> poorly-informed and has said a number of things in the course that are
> dubious or just plain wrong, and I've had to correct her more than once.
> Has anybody heard of this?  Or is this just another example of the
> instructor being clueless?

Here is my experience, which may or may not be pertinent.

I had a first gen iPod shuffle, basically a 512 MB flash drive with music player.  
During a file transfer, it locked up and I could never get it back with any of 
the tricks that google provided me.

So I left it on.  I am not sure what this means because "On" is more like 
"unlock", as it isn't really "on" unless it is playing and the file system 
corruption prevented it from playing.  I left it on for six months.  Still had 
a charge and wouldn't play.  I left it on for about 13-14 months.  Charge 
gone.  Erased.  Plugged in. Reloaded music.  Worked fine

So an extended time with no power, at least on this device, does result in a 
loss of data.

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