Joe Terranova on 17 Sep 2009 11:16:58 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Hitting the Netbooks

I have a dell mini 9 for myself, and an Asus EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPC 900A
for my girlfriend; both are 1.6 intel atoms, 1gb ram. Mine has 16gb
flash, hers has 4gb flash. I have ubuntu netbook remix on both.

For general internet stuff, they're great. The problem is when you do
things that require a lot of processor.

Firefox can get pretty slow; I run Chromium (open-source google
chrome) on it for most things, and only open firefox to view flash.

Reading pdfs can be slow, both with evince and acroread. I use foxit,
which is a bit faster, but still noticeably not as fast as my fullsize
laptop. For normal documents it's probably fine; I read RPG books,
which are very graphic and postscript heavy.

It doesn't do well with hi-res video, especially h264. Not that the
screen could fit 1080p anyway, but when I went on vacation i loaded it
with some 720p videos, and they were very laggy.

While many programs run just fine at the mini's resolution, some
don't. For example, Inkscape dialogs are larger than the screen's
resolution, and not resizable; I have to drag them around with ALT to
use it.

Other than that, these two netbooks have worked great for us. They
start up much faster than our laptops, and we take them everywhere. I
don't think my big laptop has left my house since I got my mini 9, and
my girlfriend has been using her big laptop as a stand for her eepc.

And as far as cost, both were well under $350. Mine was around 250
from Dell's Outlet set, here's was 160ish on

Hope that helps,
Joe Terranova
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