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Re: [PLUG] Hitting the Netbooks

On Thursday 17 September 2009 13:53:31 jeff wrote:
> Asus EEE 1000
> 100% Ubuntu success, regardless of whether it came with XP or Xandros(?).
> Dell Mini 9 came with Ubuntu but I wasn't crazy about the keyboard
> layout or the hassle obtaining it.
> I set up a pair of Acer Aspires w/ 11.6" display.  Didn't install linux
> but I like the format the best so far.

I'll echo Jeff.  Great success for all of the letter variations of Asus EeePC 

There is not much I like about the Mini 9, keyboard, private repo updates, 

The Acers have the best keyboard, but I still do not trust this brand with 
providing quality hardware.  Cannot vouch for Linux compatibility, either.

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