Art Alexion on 23 Sep 2009 11:26:17 -0700

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[PLUG] ddrescue/dd_rescue question

Neither the man nor how-to pages on the web seem to answer this.

I want to try to rescue some files from a 300 GB NTFS partition. I have an empty 160 GB drive to use as the target. There are only 108 GB used on the NTFS partition. Do ddrescue and dd_rescue copy free space, meaning I need a 300 GB target, or will the 160 GB target be enough for the <108 GB of data?

I really only want to copy the user files. ddrescue/dd_rescue seem only to work on whole partitions. Is there a better solution that works as well on distinct source files? rsync, even with --ignore-errors freezes bash on this drive.

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