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Re: [PLUG] POSIX shell equivalents of pushd and popd

> I have to write some POSIX shell scripts (actually, they need run
> under busybox sh in TinyCoreLinux) and I have learned to love pushd
> and popd in my scripts.  Any suggestions on the best way to achieve
> the same effect?  Thanks in advance.

# There is a newline in that string after $PWD.
alias pushd='DIRS="$PWD
$DIRS"; cd'

# This is all one line.
alias popd='LINE=`echo "\$DIRS" | sed -ne '1p'`;[ "$LINE" != "" ] && cd
$LINE;DIRS=`echo "\$DIRS" | sed -e '1d'`'

This is newline separated, which works for everything by directories
with newlines in them.  Tell your users not to do that.  That's worse
than spaces in directory names! :-)

It works on bash (of course), and I tested it on busybox sh, which
claimed it was ash on my system.

Oh, and be careful that $DIRS is not used for something else.  Maybe a
better name could be used.


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