Lee Marzke on 1 Oct 2009 17:38:37 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] WiMax First Looks

Drew Lehman wrote:
> I just logged into the dealer portal earlier today.  Apparently there
> are external antenna available, at least for the PC-Cards, which they
> don't seem to be offering in Philly, or at least pushing.  If you are
> interested, I believe I can still get the PC-Card and the external
> antenna.
>   I think the reason they are pushing the USB adapter is because they
> are easy to install and widely usable.
What type of external?    Omni,  Yagi, Panel,   what gain ?

Is there a signal strength indicator to use to aim the antenna ?  On both
USB and PCMCIA cards ?

What is the gain on the USB internal antenna for comparison ?

What about the home appliance ?  Does it have an internal panel ?

Also,  it appears only half of the coverage area in Philly is active, 
any idea when
the suburbs ( west chester,  collegeville ) are going live ?


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