Carl Johnson on 2 Oct 2009 06:32:43 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Comcast "CDV" device & firewalls

<OK, we did power cycle it, which killed the phone we were talking on,
but they did it before I could warn them...  Sigh.  That didn't help,
but the battery might be the kicker.>

well the idea behind the batteries in these things is to keep the
phone working when you lose AC power. now i'm beginning to wonder if
you've got an arris box or not.

one thing that i have done quite a few times (mostly those who already
own their own modem) to make life easy (and remove a single point of
failure) is setup TWO modems. comcast can provision the cdv as phone
only. this way all ya' gotta' do (provided you have decent RF levels)
is stick a two way splitter on the line feeding the cdv. then, run one
lead to the new cdv and one to your old RCA modem. after that, just
call comcast from your cell phone or something and tell 'em you want
the cdv to be provisioned as voice only and add your old RCA back into
the account for the data side.
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