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Re: [PLUG] unique "virtual" IPs for hosts when using multipleinterfaces?

Check out the route utility- you can define which interface to use. Easiest would probably to create a virtual interface (say, and bridge it to ppp1? 
Then you could create a virtual network on that bridge, and map it to the corresponding 192... Ip's

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From: Christian Betz <>
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Subject: [PLUG] unique "virtual" IPs for hosts when using multiple

The subject probably sounds confusing, so allow me to illustrate:

Say I use my linux system to dial into a remote linux system that is
accepting dialup connections, then use SSH to connect
after the PPP connection is established. Furthermore, assume there are
a lot of these systems and I always access them with after
dialing out.

Now, imagine my computer has two modems and I can dial-out to two
hosts at the same time. Let's say that this gives me a ppp0 and a ppp1

My problem: I want to simultaneously SSH to *both* hosts,
but they have the same IP so I can't just use the route command.

I figured there must be some way to setup some kind of "virtual" IP
each host/interface such that it could be uniquely addressed. So
instead of connecting to after the connection came up, I
would connect to (for ppp0), or (for
ppp1), etc.

>From what I can tell iptables will be involved here. Can anyone point
me in the right direction (or tell me this crazy idea won't work)? I'm
very willing to RTFM but don't know where start with iptables.


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