Steven Phillips on 20 Nov 2009 15:22:36 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Web Development Tools

If you look at the instructions for XAMPP, you still need root
privileges -- at the least, you'd definitely need root privileges to
run apache, because it's port is 80 (by default), which normal users
can't listen on. root is needed to start and stop. The only gui i see
for it is the optional gui to start and stop, which also needs sudo to

You can do what you want obivously, I just personally don't like
installing 3rd party stuff in /opt when it's all already in packages.
I'm not really seeing what xampp brings to the table that's special.

Joe Terranova

xampp is a nice all-in-one package for messing around with stuff you don't want to dedicate an entire vm on.  In the wampp version, you can have it run from a thumb drive, which is pretty cool, especially if you want to demo it on anther box. You can have different Jommla or Moodle installs on several different drives. All you need to do is shut down IIS and apache runs fine when using windows.

Plug in the drive, click a shortcut and your demo is live. With xampp installing in /opt, you have to drag the box along with you.
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