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Re: [PLUG] Verizon & sudo from PLUG W Dinner

On Saturday 21 November 2009 01:19:47 JP Vossen wrote:
> Foofoobar writes "Just when you thought all was safe on the crazy patent 
> front, Microsoft has come out of the obvious patent closet to file 
> patent number 7617530, which basically duplicates the functionality of 
> 'sudo' which is found in all Linux systems. PJ over at groklaw has a 
> wonderful writeup on the entire fiasco."

Which makes the seemingly off topic post regarding "Amen Break" right on topic 
for this.

For those that didn't follow the link, the Amen Break is a 6 second drum solo 
on the B side of a single released in 1969.  It has been dubbed, looped, 
sliced and diced, and appears in hundreds of recordings from hip-hop to car 

The original artists, The Winstons, have never complained.  A couple of years 
ago, however, a software provider that sells loops to be incorporated into 
"new" music and remixes, included the Amen Break and claimed there own 

No challenges to date.

Microsoft, of course, includes many ideas from open source and claims them as 
their own.  See
I recently attended a windows 7 "seminar", and kept thinking, "hey, that's 
stolen from KDE"

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