JP Vossen on 3 Dec 2009 22:25:37 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] sed newbie question

JP Vossen wrote:
> Third, if you want to know more about regexps, go out and buy _Mastering 
> Regular Expressions_ (AKA MRE)and a big bottle of aspirin.
> For more details on the Perl solution, see Walt's Perl one-liner slides, 
> they are great:

Oops, forgot to mention...

This is a quick reference to regular expressions in Perl, but it'll be 
incomprehensible unless you already know a fair amount about regular 

This is an even quicker reference, which is incomprehensible unless you 
already know a LOT about Perl and regexps:

Both of those are for Perl 5.10, which you probably aren't using yet 
unless you are on a pretty new system (Jaunty has 5.10.0).  There's a 
pull-down box in the upper right that lets you pick Perl 5.8, which is 
probably what you have on a non-bleeding-edge server OS/distro.  See 
'perl -v'.

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