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Re: [PLUG] Throttling network bandwidth usage ala nice or ionice...

On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 3:04 PM, Richard Freeman
<r-plug@thefreemanclan.net> wrote:
> Fred Stluka wrote:
>> There's another command called "ionice" that
>> may be close to what you want.  It throttles disk IO, not network
>> IO.
> Hmm, drifting off-topic, but is ionice and/or nice supposed to impact
> swap behavior?
> My problem is that I can run a program ionice -c 3 nice -n 20 and yet if
> it swaps that swapping runs at -10/best-effort, and with ecrypted swap
> and swap-on-RAID the loop and md layers also seem to run at high
> priority.  As a result, a heavily niced process can still kill system
> performance, when I'd prefer that it just grind to a halt indefinitely.
> It would be nice if all the driver layers pay attention to where the
> data they are dealing with came from and prioritize accordingly.
> It would be REALLY nice if mysql/etc did the same for queries coming
> from niced processes, but perhaps that is too much to ask.  :)

likewise, I was about to say "why isn't this auto-correcting?"  why do
I have to manually administer nice, ionice, throttling, etc?
schedulers should be able to handle this without user intervention.

as for RAM, yeah, at least we're finally starting to see 8GB (laptop)
and 16GB (workstation) become commonplace/affordable.  plus, if MLC
SSD storage keeps dropping in price and increasing in speed (combined
with existing RAID technologies), maybe we can _finally_ have user
interfaces that don't start to lag when you have a few hundred web
browser tabs open, plus a handful of productivity apps in the
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